Coaching & Mentorship with Alliey

We all had a starting point. I was thinking about how different life looked 7 years ago. My business (just at the beginning, working out of my house), my family (only 1 toddler, with a little one on the way), and myself (about 4 hairstyles ago LOL, among other differences!). I’ve learned and grown so much over this past decade and am so thankful for where all the hard work and passion has gotten me to this point.

But I’ also remember how hard things were at the beginning, especially with my business. I had so many questions. I knew I had a vision and a dream, I just needed focus & someone to guide me. I knew I had to invest in myself and so early on I got connected to a mentor & business coach…. Life changing! Honestly, the entire process, the accountability, the education, commitment to not settling was everything me & my business needed. And looking back, 7 years later with a successful wedding planning business & a beautiful family, I know that coaching made all the difference and was worth every penny.

So…. are you at that starting point? Or even middle point?? Are you ready to take your event planning business to the next level? Do you have a passion for this line of work but don’t know how pull everything together? If you’re ready to take that next leap, to commit to growing your business, then now is the time to make it happen and I want to help you get there!

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Get it girl

Total accountability from me to help you grow and blast goals

Total business review and plan for success!

Whether you just have a ton of questions or you want to assess where your business is currently at. We will begin with an initial business & services review including: Marketing material, website review, advertising methods, contract review, time management.

We will assess what you have, your amazing personality and how to attract the RIGHT clients and keep you moving onward & upward crushing goals!

  • 1 one hour webinar/phone meeting per week for 12 months with just me and you!
  • Unlimited texts with your coach Alliey. For those days where you just need a little extra push.

That’s 52 sessions plus unlimited contact!


$6,000 for the year or $500 per month

{10% discount if paid in full up front}

start a fire

We will start where you are.  and get you Where you want to be next year.

We will build a road map to success. We will chat bi-weekly to follow up on the goals set from the previous chat. We are putting you in the driver’s seat. We will keep you moving forward.

  • 1 one hour webinar/phone meeting every other week for 12 months with just me and you!

A total of 26 sessions!


$4,200 for the year or $350 per month

Image by Shaunae Teske Photography
Image by Shaunae Teske Photography

Little by little

An overview of where you are now and where you want to be

Focus monthly on ways to grow yourself in the following month. The self motivated track holds you more accountable for your success with boosts along the way.

  • 1 one hour webinar/phone meeting per month for 12 months

12 sessions total!


$2,400 for the year or $200 per month


Graphic Design

for your needs $250 per design (business card, rack card, logo, etc)

Website Assistance

$150 per hour

Help launch what you have started or start over for a fresh new you!

Social Media Assistance

$250 a platform

Rebrand yourself on social media and use these FREE resources to launch yourself!

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