How to Start a Wedding Beauty Regimen: Step by Step

How to Start a Wedding Beauty Regimen: Step by Step

Getting married is a lot of work. Of course, there’s the dress and the venue, but there are also countless other details to consider. If you’re going to be in front of as many people as possible on your big day, you want to make sure that you look good. That means taking care of yourself and starting a wedding beauty regimen long before it’s time for you to walk down the aisle. Here are some steps you should take before getting married so that your skin looks radiant on your big day:

Get in Shape

It’s no secret that the glow of being in love can make you feel more beautiful than ever before. But if you want to look your best on your wedding day, it’s worth investing some time into getting fit. You’ll feel healthier and happier and will be able to show off those lovely post-wedding photos for years to come.

Try starting a regular workout routine before the big day—not only will this help shape your body, but it’ll also give you something constructive to do while waiting for that “I do.” Make sure to find a gym or class close by so that even if things get busy between now and then, there won’t be any excuse not to go (or at least not anyone will listen).

Start Exfoliating

Next, exfoliate. This is one of the best ways to remove dead skin cells and make your face look brighter and more radiant. Exfoliation helps to prevent acne, reduce redness and hydrate your skin. It’s also important to keep your pores clear, which can help you avoid blackheads and breakouts if applied regularly.

One way to exfoliate is with a body scrub; another option is using a chemical peel (ask your dermatologist about which one would be best for you). You could also try using a facial mask once or twice a week before applying moisturizer or foundation. It will leave behind smoother-looking skin that glows from within when used daily.

Pick Your Polish - How to Start a Wedding Beauty Regimen: Step by Step

Pick Your Polish

Choose a polish that complements your skin tone. Your nails should match or complement your skin color, so pick something that looks natural. As you experiment with different colors, try to avoid bright shades and stick with softer tones like pinks and neutrals.

Avoid using acetone to remove nail polish—it can dry your fingertips. Instead, use remover explicitly made for use on hands (not the kind meant for feet). Remember that nail polish remover will leave stains on anything it touches (including cloth), so if you’re going somewhere fancy after doing your nails, use paper towels instead!

Work With What You Have

For a bride on a budget, there are ways to skimp when it comes to beauty. For instance, if you’ve got mascara and foundation at home already, don’t worry about rebuying those products. You may even have the perfect blush or bronzer in your makeup bag that you can use instead of purchasing new ones.

If products in your bathroom cabinet and cabinets at home are still unopened, consider using them for the wedding instead of buying something new.

What is the best thing about using what you have? It saves money. But remember: don’t just use any old item on your face; check all ingredients carefully before applying anything near your eyes or lips (the skin around those areas is very sensitive).

Become Familiar with Your Skin

Become Familiar with Your Skin

The first step to a healthy regimen is knowing your skin type.

Are you dry?



Knowing this will help you make the right choices about products and tools, as there are different products for each type of skin (like an oil-free moisturizer for oily skin). If you’re unsure what skin type you have, look at its texture and if it’s prone to breakouts. If so, it probably means that your complexion has more sebum production than others—so it’s likely that your complexion is oily.

If a product works well but isn’t in stock at a store near you anymore (or costs too much), try another one instead. Be very particular about your cleansers because they’re important when removing makeup and impurities from the day before bedtime. The last thing anyone wants is clogged pores or acne flare-ups after applying heavy foundation all day long.

Closing Remarks

The most important thing about starting a wedding beauty regimen is that it can feel overwhelming and stressful to think about everything you need to do. But keep in mind that this process is what will help you look your best on your big day.

Take time each day to focus on yourself and the tasks at hand, whether adding a new product or taking time out of your day for an intensive skincare routine. Remember that just because one step isn’t working out exactly as planned doesn’t mean things won’t turn out okay in the end; sometimes, all you need is to make adjustments along the way, so your final results are what you want them to be.

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